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I really liked the artstyle of the game overall. I can't help but think this game was inspired by Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi. Or at least I got similar vibes but with a notably comedic twist!

 If you are interested in checking out my playing it starts at (14:09)

Love the silly concept, had lots of fun!

Nice ending

Made a video


its the guy from spongebob

Great fun, geting all the notes is defintly worth the time.

Was...  Was that Jizz or Piss on the bed?  Ha ha ha, Great game, I had a lot of fun!  Although I think the place you need to go in the dungeon parts could be made a little more noticeable.  I got extremely lucky!

Cool game, it was alot of fun. I give it a 10. Thanks for making it.

Enjoyed it, was very goofy. I appreciate the reward after getting all the notes. Also one of the people on the wall looks like Ed Sheeran. My only complaints are the League of Legends, Dragon Ball and Rent a Girlfriend posters. Also I have 1 question:what was the song at the end? I used Shazam, looked up the lyrics anywhere I could but nothing. I found a somewhat similar-sounding song but not the one I was looking for. 



thanks for playing, the song is “The Way It Goes” by the washboard abs!


this was fun. Really enjoyed it. I see in the comments that there is a secret ending so I'll have to play some more :)

We found all the pages and got the life changing secret ending! This was very funny and cleaver. Excellent work.

hahahah this was great, thanks guys

This game was awesome. It really scared me in the beginning. 10/10

This game is great, I loved the aesthetic

ahhahaha funny creepy ..please make nosferatu 2 ahah ;D

Cool ;)